Crafty Mart Gala & Main Event

IMG_0963Forewarning: This will be a photo heavy post.

Crafty Mart is Akron’s monthly market that support our local creators. There’s everything from coffee, soap, clothing, bags made from vinyls, terrariums etc. The list could go on and on.

IMG_0943IMG_0982This month they had a gala to kick off one of their larger marts that spanned three locations (Summit Artspace, Akron Art Museum, and Musica). At the gala, they served Nuevo tacos, The Three Momo Sisters’ dumplings, Stray Dog hot dogs, Thirsty Dog beer, Akron Coffee Roasters coffee, Norka soda (alone or mixed with vodka), and wine.

IMG_0960They held an auction where people could win something from many of the vendors. I lucked out and won a handmade cutting board from Burns Boards!

Music played and fun was had over the course of the three hours. It was nice to mix and mingle with many of the people I only see in passing.


IMG_1001The next day at Crafty Mart, I was able to snag a ton of really cool, local goods from many of my friends who were vendors.

A few of my favorites were Neighbors Apparel, Akron Coffee Roasters and Land of Plenty.

IMG_1020Neighbors Apparel is a local clothing shop that employs refugee women to create handmade pieces with authentic fabrics from the creator’s culture. It’s a purchase that you can really feel good about.

IMG_1042Akron Coffee Roasters is a local coffee roaster. I’ll get more into them when I review their sample pack this week.

IMG_1009Land of Plenty is a Vintage & Antique shop run by Kristi Wall. There’s a little bit of everything there, from terrariums, gems, crystals, antique furniture, jewelry and soon vintage clothing. It is definitely a place to get something that is one of a kind.

Here are some more photos from the event:

The next Crafty Mart that they are promoting will be at Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. and you can find out more information here.

11182200_10204235615076459_5860559142608517351_nAs always, thank you for reading!


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