St. Patrick’s Day/The Devil Strip Launch

IMG_9398Akron’s cultural scene is steady on the rise. It is rare to find a day when there’s nothing happening in this area; from open mics to independent films to concerts and art shows.

St. Patrick’s Day was one day to remember. In addition to Musica’s  St. Patrick’s Day party, The Devil Strip alt weekly magazine held a launch party.

“What is The Devil Strip?”, you may ask. Well, it is an Akron-focused art, food and music magazine similar to Cleveland’s The Scene and Canton’s Buzzbin. It’s something that was needed long ago in this area.

Also, a little side note, my comic, Inequivalent Exchange, is in it. I suppose I should add published cartoonist to my resume now.

There was no better way to celebrate the day before my birth than this. It was a night was filled with food, friends, music and booze. The musical highlights include Jeff Klemm (of Maid Myriad) debuting his new project, Jeff Klemm & The Letters, Time Cat, and the jam session that happened afterward.

Jeff Klemm & The Letters will only be performing once more before June. You can catch them at John Patrick Halling’s cd release on Saturday, March 28th at the Stone Tavern in Kent.

Time Cat will be performing at The Beachland Ballroom & Tavern in Cleveland on Saturday, April 4th. Tickets are $10.

You can find out where to pick up your copy of The Devil Strip here.


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