Sweet Treats: Tremont Scoops


On the same day that I took a trip to Lolita, I swung by Tremont Scoops for dessert. I found this place walking through the Tremont area after dinner. It’s a cute little place with a metal ice-cream cone in front of the shop.


They have a wooden swing hanging the window and their colors are white and pink. It has a very feminine feel, but i love the black board detailing the type of cones and various types of ice-cream treats.


They have tons of different flavors; going from standard chocolate to cappuccino to superman. They also have a variety of vegan options for those who abstain from dairy. There aren’t as many flavors as the dairy kind, but I expect it would be a bit harder to create. I ended up getting cappuccino. I have this thing about coffee that I just can’t shake. I also loved their little tip jars. I thought it was a really cool idea.


The ice-cream was actually pretty good. It didn’t melt really quickly and it had a chocolatey/coffee taste. Jo got a combination of cookie dough and superman. He said the superman tasted like the popsicles we used to get off of the ice-cream trucks.

This is a pretty good place to stop by for a quick treat in the evening time (they are only open after 4pm throughout the week and 12pm on the weekend). It’s standard prices for an independent ice-cream shop.


Tremont Scoops

2362 Professor Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44113

Thanks for reading!


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