Shop Review: Snowball Bookshop


I want to introduce you all to an amazing place I was introduced to when I went to go drop off my artwork for the At First Glance show. This is a magical used bookstore with endless rooms and books on every topic. There are thousands upon thousands of books in this place and it was absolutely overwhelming. I’m ashamed to say that I left there with only one book even though there were literally tons.

Their prices are reasonable. Most paperbacks are half off the listed price unless they have a sticker on them and then it’s whatever is on the sticker. I saw some books for $1. You can’t beat that.

This is definitely a place that I want to dig into more often because it’s a gold mine. If you like books, definitely check out this place. They even have a store cat! How sweet is that?!

IMG_2853Snowball Bookshop

564 W. Tuscarawas Ave

Barberton, OH 44203

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