The Pretty Reckless


On Thursday, I went to a pretty awesome concert hosted by the radio station Q92 with headliner, The Pretty Reckless at The Canton Palace Theatre. I had never been to that venue before and the reason I found out about it is because of The Ohio Weather Band. They were one of the supporting acts, so I was pretty excited for them.

When I got there, the line for the doors to open went straight up the block. I knew it was going to be a pretty full show. When ordering my tickets, I had opted for a front seat on the lower balcony. I knew that if I got a floor seat, I wouldn’t be able to get good shots unless I was up front and even then the light could possibly wash out the people on stage.  I ended up being in the perfect spot. I got some amazing shots using my 55-250mm lens.


The concert kicked off with my local favorite, The Ohio Weather Band. They did an amazing job as always and I noticed that they were also a bit hit with most of the audience. They are such a talented group and so dedicated. I admire them a lot. If you haven’t heard of them, then I highly suggest you check them out. They released their debut album this past April and it is awesome.

Next up was New Hollow, a pop rock band from New Albany, Ohio. I had only heard one song from them prior to that night and it was pretty sweet, so I was excited to see what else they had up their sleeves. Their newest single, “She Ain’t You,” is really a great song and I really dig their other single, “Boyfriend.”


The Pretty Reckless is a New York City rock band led by singer/actress, Taylor Momsen. You may have seen her on the C.W. show, Gossip Girls. She is also Cindy Lou Woo on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” I would call them a blend of alternative and hard rock. They have a pretty dope sound that makes you want to head bang and they even sound as good live as they do on the album.

They actually released their sophomore album on my birthday! If that doesn’t tell you how cool they are, then I don’t know what will. I really dig their song “Heaven Knows” and “My Medicine.” And I thought it was really cool that Q92 got such a big name to play in the area.

They are currently touring for their newest album, “Going to Hell.” I will say that if you are prone to seizures because of flashing lights, then I suggest to sit out on their concerts, but definitely check out their album.

Overall, awesome concert with a great line up that went from more of a folk rock to hard rock. I would recommend all of these bands.

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