Sweet Treats: Coquette Patisserie



A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip up to Cleveland to try out a pastry shop that I had heard about from a friend of mine. Specifically, I wanted to try their macarons because they’re quickly becoming my favorite dessert.


The shop is on the corner of Euclid and 115th street attached to a shopping center. When you first step in, you notice that it’s not a huge place. There is a lot of light streaming in from the large windows and soft chatter caresses your ear.

It has a very industrial design with bare concrete, an open ceiling showing the pipework, and white walls. There’s a lot of gold accented and I love the look of all the light fixtures.  There are also fresh flowers on the table, a large mirror on one end, and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling on one side.


The feel is artsy and different than a coffee shop. I’m not sure if it’s because of the decor, but it’s what I imagine a shop in Paris would feel like.

There’s a row of tables lining the walls where patrons can sit and eat. In addition to their pastries, they also have a nice Wine list, French Pressed Coffee, Tea, Oyster Du Jour, Fromage Plate, Charcuterie Plate, and Draught Beer.




The staff is nice and there’s actually a little window on one side where you can see the pastry chef working on her creations. One of the staff members told me that the pastry chef actually studied in the south of France. So when you come here, you know that you’re getting the real thing.


I purchased a bunch of desserts because I wanted to make sure to give a well-rounded review.

First, we have the French Macarons. These are probably the best I’ve ever had. The ones I’ve tried previous can not hold a candle to these. I honestly didn’t even know what I good French Macaron was until these. That’s how life changing they were.

They’re all perfectly made with a crunch on the outside and the inner cookie is nice and soft. The filling compliments the flavors beautifully. Due to coming late in the evening, they only had 3 flavors left. I got the Mango-Saffron, Hibiscus, and Big Red.


Mango-Saffron: My favorite out of the three. It was sweet, but not overly so with a mango buttercream with a hint of saffron. Pillowy soft centers with no air bubbles. I was very pleased.

Hibiscus: This one was quite interesting. I had never tasted  a flavor like this before. It’s hard to pin point.

Big Red: It actually tasted like the Big Red gum with the cinnamon, sweet flavor. I felt like I should have continued chewing long after it was gone.


In addition to the French Macarons, I bought a Pear Pinwheel and a Chocolate Triomphe.

The Pear Pinwheel is comprised of pears poached in a white wine syrup cut and layered atop of almond cream and a pâte sucrée shell. It wasn’t overly sweet with a hint of tartness. The crust crumbled perfectly and I could taste the pear clearly. It was very well designed.

The Chocolate Triomphe is two layers of genoise soaked with Cointreau syrup, chocolate ganache, chocolate covered caramelized hazelnuts, and chocolate mousse. It was very soft and rich. There was a bit of bite to it and the hazelnut played well with the heavy dark chocolate.

Overall, I think this is definitely a place for you all to check out. I’ll be going back up there soon. I have my eye on the Oyster Du Jour and more French Macarons.


{Coquette Patisserie}

11607 Euclid Ave

Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

*You can also order macarons in advance if you have a big party.*

As always, thanks for reading,


2 responses to “Sweet Treats: Coquette Patisserie

    • It really is. I went there again recently and the macarons were just as perfect. All of their desserts are amazing.

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