Restaurant Review: Nuevo


Recently, I got the chance to check out the new Mexican restaurant called Nuevo across the street from my day job. All of my coworkers have been talking about it, so I figured I should check it out.

The interior is smaller than I expected but very modern. It makes sense now, why it’s always so packed and reservations are strongly recommended. On one side there’s a bar and table top seating area, while on the other side against the windows and in the back, there are more traditional seating.

IMG_7027IMG_7033Neutrals and red rules here. I’m not sure if it’s because red tends to represent spiciness, passion, or psychologically makes you want to eat more. The noise level isn’t at the point that it’s unappealing. You can hold a conversation or have a lunch meeting without having to worry about not hearing the other person.


Because this place is also toted as a Tequila Bar, I had to try a margarita. But I was having trouble deciding on one so I got the flight for $11. It lets you pick 3 of the flavors as well as the flavored rims to try. I ended up getting the Pomegranate, Cranberry Orange, and Spicy Mango. They all got sugar rims because they ran out of the spicy bacon.


The Pomegranate was pretty good. You could taste the tequila but it had a sweet spin on it. The Cranberry Orange was my favorite out of the three. The tequila wasn’t as noticeable and the combination of the cranberry and orange made it a better drink to sit and sip to. The Spicy Mango was my least favorite, but if you like chili on mangos then this is for you because that’s exactly what it tastes like.


The blue corn chips I got were paired with the caliente salsa. It actually wasn’t as a bad as I feared. I like spicy things but sometimes it can get too much. I really dug the blue corn chips. They were really good.


For an appetizer, I got the camornes which are just shrimp with onions and tomatoes. It was pretty good. Not overly flavorful but a decent appetizer.


For my entree, I got the burrito with brown sugar and chili rubbed pull pork. It came with a side of black beans, rice, and a small salad. It wasn’t bad. The salad was actually pretty good, but to me, the pulled pork was a little on the drier side. I was also surprised by how little was given compared to other Mexican restaurants I’ve been to. This place gives you portion sizes that are similar to other modern restaurants. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re looking for huge portion sizes then you will be disappointed.

My friend ended up getting the chorizo burrito which I tried and it was really good, but greasy which is to be expected. I think if I go back, then I’ll get that instead. These burritos are also not like Chipotle or anything. The extra stuff isn’t in the burrito itself. It’s on the side.


Overall, it was a decent meal. I’m not huge on Mexican food but it was good. A bit on the pricier side, but I’d definitely go back for the drinks. Their margaritas are really top-notch.


54 E. Mill St.

Akron, OH 44308


Thanks for reading!


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