Musica Show: Austin Craig & The Felice Brothers

IMG_4640Saturday, January 18, I went back to Musica for The Felice Brothers and Austin Craig’s show. I got a chance to end my work day with some good tunes. The show was supposed to start at 8 pm but no one hit the stage until close to 9. It was a good thing though because people were still filtering in at 8:30.

Austin Craig, who is a local singer-songwriter, was the first to play. He debut his first album “A Country Dark” in 2012 and I really dig it. I’m just starting to really get into more country/folk music and his work eases me into it gently. His honest voice tells a story with such emotion, I can’t help but love it. The interplay between the harmonica and guitar is really enjoyable. My favorite song from his set was the title song of his album. My favorite line from it would have to be, “Hemingway said “Thinking men are atheist and I hold it to be true.” For some reason that really sticks out to me.


IMG_4642Originally, I was going to leave after Austin Craig’s set, but I was convinced to stay a bit longer. I’m glad I did. I’m not a fan of The Felice Brothers‘ recording work, but they sure rocked the show.

If you don’t know who they are, then you should. The Felice Brothers are a folk/country rock band from Upstate New York. Their live show is something to see. I was surprised by how much I liked them. The energy in the room was amazing. They truly have some great fans.

I had listened to one of their albums prior to coming to the show and it was not my cup of tea. I felt that it would be too slow for me, but boy was I wrong. As soon as they got on stage I found myself bobbing my head to the music. It was like a totally different band from the one I listened to.

They pulled out an accordion and a washboard and I was hooked. I’d never seen anyone play those items like they did. It was rough, honest, and raw to my ears and I can get with it. My favorite song would have to be ‘Whiskey in my whiskey.’ But my favorite part of the whole show was when one of the musicians smashed the washboard he was playing. It was shocking and amusing. After they left the stage, a few people actually went up there and grabbed the broken pieces.


I learned a lesson Saturday. Never judge a band solely by their record. There’s just something about hearing a band live that can transform your view of them. I’d suggest everyone take a step out of their comfort zone for once and hear something new. It may surprise you.

Thanks for reading.


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