Personal Work: Gears

Yesterday, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at drawing directly onto my tablet instead of creating a sketch and scanning it. I don’t do that enough and I figured if I started doing more of that it can help me pump out more work. Surprisingly, it turned out very well.

For the first image, it took me a bit of time (3-4 hours) trying to get the skin tone right, but the second image took me a lot less time (2-2.5 hours). I think if I continue to practice, I can really decrease my time and make them look more realistic. I’m actually quite proud of them.

I wanted both of these women to be kick ass. They both have bloody band-aids and scraps, but you should’ve seen their opponents!! The gears have no real purpose but to give it a slight steampunk flair. I’ve been reading a novel that is apart of the steampunk genre so I guess that’s where my inspiration came from. Instead of pulling features from my head I did look at a few photos of women to get an idea of the look. I haven’t drawn a woman that wasn’t black or mixed in a long time and it’s rare that I even touch dreadlocks when drawing.

Anyway, neither are titled and both were done in Photoshop CS5. I’ve also provided a few progress shots below each final piece.



Let me know what you think.



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