Clever Little Devils: Art Show


Friday, November 15, I had the pleasure of going to an art show at Summit Artspace with my friend, Rachel (woman in the furry hat). Surprisingly all of the exhibits were open so I could wander around floor to floor checking out all the art (a couple of the photos are from other exhibits).

The art show I went to see is called Clever little Devils. The exhibit will be open through December 31. Their Facebook event page says “Join more than 50 contemporary artists as they explore the relationship between youth culture and advertising in a dynamic new exhibition, Clever Little Devils. The artists — who range from local college professors to national graffiti artists — based their work on the advertisements consumed by children. As a result, they’ve produced a compelling tale of what advertising teaches youths about culture in America. At this exhibit, you’ll find everything from hardcore critiques of consumer culture, to nostalgic re-creations of favorite childhood ads.”

A few of my friends had pieces in the show and it had a pretty great turn out. I don’t know the numbers, but there were a lot of people there. There were a few pieces that really caught my eye and incredibly thought-provoking. I didn’t realize there was no photography in the exhibit until after I walked out and saw the sign above the door. Whoops. I felt really bad about it so I didn’t take anymore while inside.

If you’ve followed my blog for a little while, you may see a few familiar faces.  My friend, Jen, from Comfort Clouds was there with her significant other Jake. She actually has a really awesome piece in the show. Jairus (that beautiful man) from the Comfort Clouds album release was also there. A few other people who may have showed up on my blog at some point were also there but I didn’t get their photo.

Anyway, enough chatter. Here are the photos. Enjoy.

Summit Artspace 

140 East Market Street
Akron, OH 44308



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