Web Series Review: No Method Pilot


Normally, I don’t review a web series that isn’t a few episodes in, but last week I received a special request by the creator of this series, Caitlin Graham.  I was not paid to do this review and my opinions on this pilot are my very own. With that being said, let’s get into the review.

No Method is a slice-of-life web series centered around an aspiring actress named Caitlin. Caitlin hasn’t had the best of luck at life. Good acting jobs are hard to come by. Her love life is just as bad. Most of the time she can find comfort in her lawyer/best friend, Greer, who is going through a few things of her own. In her spare time she acts with an eccentric small theater troupe.


Personally, I think it has potential. The acting of the main characters wasn’t bad. I found myself chuckling at a couple of lines, but the script needs some improvement if it wants to do really well. The way it’s written doesn’t flow as well as I would’ve liked and I was left feeling that introducing and expanding upon one aspect of her life would’ve went better than jumping around with little explanation.

I also didn’t learn much about the characters and what I did learn, I didn’t necessarily like. Greer is the friend that always bails on Caitlin and it made me wonder why she even keeps her around. Caitlin complains a lot. I hope that both characters are fleshed out a bit more in the future. I see some great potential here.


The look is professional although dark (comedies tend to not be dark looking) and the sound quality is quite good. I also really liked the locations they chose. I think that they did a really great job of finding filming locations that worked well.

The overall style reminds me of Louie. If the writing flowed a bit better, I’d say it could be a serious contender in the battle of online, indie comedies.

I would probably watch another episode or two to see if the writing improves before passing final judgement. I’d say give it a chance to see if it’s your cup of tea. It may just be.

Pilot Rating: 5.9/10



*All photos are property of Caitlin Graham.*

3 responses to “Web Series Review: No Method Pilot

  1. remember wilde said it best ” a critic may affect breakfast but should never interfere with lunch”
    hang in there!!!!!

  2. Never trust a critic who don’t write English good: “… would’ve went better”? “… in the battle of online, indie comedies”?

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