Cleveland Museum of Art


About a month ago, I went with my dad to the Cleveland Museum of Art. We love doing cultural type outings together, so this was nothing new. He’s been one of the main people who has always pushed me to do better and nurtured my love of art, history, and overall learning.

I love the Cleveland Museum of Art. Not only is it free, it’s also quite massive. Most people have no clue that Cleveland hosts such a lovely museum. My last visit was 4-5 years ago and I don’t remember half the things I saw on this most recent trip. There’s so much that you need a full day to see everything and at least a full couple days to appreciate everything.

One of the main reason that I wanted to go was the fact that there was a Tantra in Buddhist Art exhibition.  It was completely worth the trip up. My father and I were the only ones wandering through this space other than the guard. It was extremely quiet and I had no worry about someone waiting to view a piece. I could take all the time I wanted.

Another highlight of my visit was that I was able to get up close and personal with an original Chuck Close painting and an Andy Warhol print.  I just about died of happiness right there. Chuck Close is such a huge inspiration to me although I don’t do much painting.


Their Egyptian exhibit was also awe-inspiring. The fact that those pieces were so detailed and so well-preserved astounds me. A war tugs within me over the disturbing of ancient artifacts and removing them from their home country, but I am lucky to be able to view such beauty. Being around items hundreds and thousands of years old is completely overwhelming.

Here are a few other photos I took while there.

Cleveland Museum of Art

11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106


Peace & Love,


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