House of Cards: Minimalist Posters

As many of you know, I have a deep love for the Netflix exclusive show, House of Cards. I wrote a review on it last month and I’m about to re-watch the first season. To commemorate this special occasion I decided to create minimalist posters for a few of the characters.


Let me know what you think!



5 responses to “House of Cards: Minimalist Posters

  1. Nice work. In my opinion, your most succeeded poster is Peter Russo´s, because of the double message you obtain. As for the rest of the posters, i still miss some double-moral elements (as you cleverly used in Peter´s case). For instance. Zoe´s pen is more than a pen…it´s also a knife. Doug´s poster seams a bit too complicated for me. But very nice work, congrats.

    • Thank you very much for your critique. I see what you mean and I agree. I’ll definitely take what you’ve said into consideration for future projects of this nature.

    • In last season, it was revealed that Doug was a part of Alcoholics Anonymous although he hasn’t taken a drink in years. I used a version of the AA logo with the empty glass in the center to illustrate that.

      I will probably be tweaking Zoe’s, Doug’s, and Claire’s in the next day or so.

      And yes, I’ll have them all up in my shop by Monday.

      Thank you so much for your interest.

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