Album Review: Indicud


Name: Indicud

Artist: Kid Cudi

Release Date: April 16, 2013

Record Label: Wicked Awesome Records, GOOD Music, and Republic Records

Genre: Hip-Hop

I decided to enlist the help of Joe Hill to help me review this album. He is more knowledgeable when it comes to the technical part of the music world. I listen to flow and just does it sound good to me.



MA: Indicud is the third studio album from Kid Cudi. He served as the executive producer to this album and it’s the first one not connected to the Man of the Moon series.

Joe Hill: Indicud is the Cudi experience. Literally, Cudi is responsible for every facet of this album from lyrics to production.  This is Cudi’s most creative and complete piece of work.  From the experimentation of WZRD to the psychedelic vibes of MOTM blends together to create eccentric music.  My favorite tracks include Red Eye, King Wizard, Solo Dolo Pt. II, and Girls.  These songs have a lot of energy and can really keep you hyped up in the middle of a rage session.


MA: This album has a very interesting flow to it. It reeks of depression and loneliness. I think that’s why I connect with this artist so much. When you are an artist you spend a lot of time alone and in your head. You have a bit of a perfectionist streak in you and nothing you produce is ever up to your standards. It’s a hard life to live, but it can create something quite melancholy, yet beautiful.

Joe Hill: Just like MOTM, Indicud has a cinematic approach to the album’s production.  The album has a story to tell unlike most music that comes out now.  Kid Cudi is responsible for the production of every track and yes; every track is dope with the standout being “Red Eye” featuring Haim.  I like this song so much that I went out and bought all of Haim’s music.

The features are different but work.  The artists include Michael Bolton, Haim, The RZA, Too Short, King Chip, Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, and Father John Misty.  This group of artists combined with Cudi’s vision has created something odd but beautiful.

The Artist

MA:  I feel that Kid Cudi has definitely grown a lot from his first two studio albums. He has this odd way of making music and makes no apologizes for it. It just seems to work.

Joe Hill: What Kid Cudi has done with Indicud makes me anticipate MOTM3 even more now.  He has really shown his growth with this album and I thank him for this.  He is one of the few hip-hop artists that I respect due to the fact that he puts his all into his work and creates something magical.

Favorite Tracks

MA: I would have to say that my favorite tracks of this album would have to be “Beez” featuring the RZA and “Red Eye” featuring Haim. The former is a favorite because seriously, Wu-Tang!!!! The latter track is very different from the rest of the album and is all about being crazy in love. It pulls at my heartstrings terribly.


MA: 7.5/10

Joe Hill: I give Indicud 8 Snapbacks out of 10.  It’s a solid and creative album that brings hope to the future of hip-hop.



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