Restaurant Review: Jezebel’s Bayou


Last Friday I decided that I needed to review some place outside of the immediate, local area. I hadn’t been into Cleveland past Beachwood in quite some time, so I grabbed a companion, made a reservation, packed up my camera and headed to Jezebel’s Bayou.

This was the first time I’d been there and for the past few months I’d been wanting some good, cajun food. It’s been over 8 years since my last trip to New Orleans and I wanted someplace that would take my mouth back there. And that it did. I hear this place flies in their seafood from Louisiana every day. If that isn’t dedication to authenticity then I don’t know what is.



Jezebel’s is locally and African-American owned. It’s small, but very modern. It was a good thing I had reservations because it got packed very quick. I love the decor of the place. Inside it has a very sophisticated feel to it but not overly so. The tables are covered in what I’m assuming is faux alligator skin and the atmosphere from the low lighting to the candles, was very cozy. There were people in suites as well as people in jeans. I decided to dress business casual.



On to the meal! To begin, I ordered a lemonade cocktail that had hot sauce in it?! It was interesting to taste the tartness as well as the kick from the hot sauce. For an appetizer, we ordered the Alligator Voodoo. I’m a big fan of fried alligator. I still remember the first time I had it and it still makes my mouth water. It was cooked to perfection. Nice and crispy with a bit of a chewiness to it. It was served with jalapeño cornbread. The cornbread was sweet and cut the heat I was already feeling by this point.


For my meal, I had the Classic Cajun Country Shrimp, Crawfish, and Redfish Etouffee. The seafood was perfectly cooked and the tomato-based sauce was spicy just like it should be. It was served over a bed of rice which helped kill some of the fire blazing in my mouth. My partner-in-crime had the Jambalaya which I hear is quite popular. His eyes started to water as he savored the entree. I’m not sure if it was from the heat or it was just that good.

Overall, it was a a great experience and I’ll definitely be heading back soon. I have my eye on those crab cakes and gumbo.

Jezebel’s Bayou
12718 Larchmere Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44120
(216) 721-3877

Until next time,


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