Winter & The Holidays


Winter. It’s not my favorite season, but it’s an interesting one. For me, this time of year invokes the idea of hope and transformation. On the winter solstice the sun hits its lowest point in the sky and starts its migration back upward. The sun can do nothing but go higher. As with most things in nature, it can be applied to everyday life. We all will hit a low point in our lives and from there we can stay in our abysmal, depressed state or move forward. And once we start that trek forward, the transformation begins. As we climb, we change. When we reach our destination, we are not be the same people we were in the beginning. The journey is always the key.


This is also the perfect time for me when it comes to art. I’m not a fan of the cold and the snow, but the ideas that the Winter brings are something to behold. Because I’m stuck inside, I have more time to ideate. I don’t have as many distractions and so I can get more things done. I can’t wait to see what art work I’ll be creating from now until the Spring. I also can’t wait to see what kind of person I will become when my transformation ends.


When it comes to the holidays, I am not Christian in any way, shape or form. I celebrate the Winter Solstice, Yuletide, and Kwanzaa. For those who don’t know, Yuletide still involves gift giving and having a meal with family and friends, but the meaning is different. It’s a pagan tradition and although I follow no religious group, I’ve incorporated more Wiccan and Buddhist traditions into my life.

With all that said, I do enjoy the warm, magical feeling around this time of year. It’s nice to see people in such giving moods, if only for a week or two. There’s not enough positivity in the world and this time of year brings out the best in most people. Plus, the coffee flavors always smell amazing.


Happy Holidays,


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