Tea of the Week: Cranberry Singapore Sling

Due to my busy schedule I haven’t had time to drink tea as much. That’s why I’ve been slacking on my tea posts. Coffee seems to be more convenient and quicker for my schedule. And if I do end up drinking some tea, I never get a chance to fully savor it to write a good review.

Anyway, I was able to review this tea since the majority of the busyness has died down.


Name: Cranberry Singapore Sling

Purchased From: Teavana

Type: Rooibos (from a red bush from South Africa)

Health Benefits: Rooibos is commonly used for respiratory disorders, some possible cancer prevention, and possible anti-aging benefit.

Description from Teavana: “Opposites attract and travel famously together in this ‘superfruit’ rooibos adventure inspired by the famed ‘Singapore Sling’ cocktail. This tantalizing taste of tart, sweet, and creamy flavors is a nod to the past, created by combining tart cranberry and cherry with sweet pineapple and orange, finished with Madagascar vanilla. Coolest shaken over ice, or served up hot (and stirred). SUPERFRUIT ENHANCED. Sweet pineapple blends with bright cherry and cranberry notes and smooth vanilla.”



Smell:It smells a little bit like medicine or maybe like those christmas reefs that they sell around the holidays with those cranberries on them.

Color: It has a darker color than the other teas I’ve reviewed. It looks similar to a black tea. Dark brown with a hint of orange.

Taste: This tea is sweet and fruity but not. There is a hint of citrus and a kick of tartness because of the cranberries. I love that there isn’t an after taste and it’s smooth. It slides down your throat and warms you up. Even if I made it cold, I feel like it would make me feel warm.

Feel: It makes me feel like it’s Christmas (Hey, it almost is.) and I’m sitting by a fire reading a book It definitely has a warm inviting feel to it.

Overall, I believe that it is a tasty tea and I would buy it again. I hope you all enjoy.




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