One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. 
~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The woman in the maternity photos I shot is the closest thing to a sister that I’ve ever had. We met through a mutual friend our sophomore year of high school and have been friends ever since. As you can see, she is about to embark on a new exciting journey. In just a few short days both of us will be transitioning into a new way of life. Her giving birth to her first child and I graduating from college (Finally! I had to push it to December due to not finding an internship for the summer). I remember going to her college graduation earlier this year. It was such an exciting time and with these two momentous moments approaching both of us it’s a chance to have double the celebration.


This woman is one of the hardest working, most compassionate women that I know. She gives and gives and never expects anything in return. She is also one of the few people that actually gets me. And I mean all sides of me. It’s funny. Sometimes we text each other at the same time or know what the other is thinking, but we’re actually quite opposites. Our personalities are definitely on opposite sides of the spectrum. I’m very “out there” while she’s very down-to-earth and hates the spotlight. I let my emotions rule me at times while she uses a very logical approach in everything she does. She has always wanted a family while I want to focus on my career and travel. She grounds me while I attempt to pull her into the clouds, so we tend to hover somewhere  in between when we’re together. It’s a very fun tug-of-war that we do.


We caught up a couple days ago and I was telling her about a bit of an upheaval in my life and she said, “You just love it don’t you?” I couldn’t deny it. She gets me. As much as certain things stress me out, I love the ruckus. I love the not knowing. I love having a bit of liveliness in my life. She’s not like that. Certain stressors are unavoidable (especially recently) but she tries her best to keep the madness at bay. She likes stability. I don’t blame her in the slightest. Every once in a while I like a period of stability and quietness myself. But I also like my craziness. I’m a creative person. What can I say?

This was my first ever maternity shoot. She always ends up being the person I target when I need a model. I mean look at her. She’s gorgeous! From the back she doesn’t even look pregnant! But anyways this is my best friend. My sister. My Ace Boon Coon. My Wingman. And always will be.

Until next time,


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