Creativity In Style

I believe that my appearance should match my inner creative. I am an open-minded person who takes the road less traveled and enjoys the simple things in life. When it comes to clothes I have my own unique style that pairs well with my personality. It varies from day-to-day but the overall feel is pretty consistent. I love dark colors. Black, greys, browns, plum, and maroon are my go to colors.I also love things that flow, but are paired with things that are structured.

Being a curvy woman with long legs I am a firm believer in waist belts, structured jackets, tights, and pencil skirts. Because I also just lost a ton of weight my style is adjusting to this new body. I went from a disproportionate pencil to an apple to a slightly disproportionate coke bottle over the course of 3 years.

I won’t linger any longer. I have compiled a group of my latest outfits. Enjoy.


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