Photography: Top 10 Favorites of June & July

I decided to put together my top 10 favorite shots of June and July that aren’t on the blog. If you’ve checked out my Flickr page you’ve probably seen most of these already. If not these are all new to you.  I will note that these are in no particular order at all, so don’t get thrown off by the numbers.

1) This is a part of a series I did for a client/friend in June to celebrate her graduation from college.

2) A friend of mine dubbed this little guy Terrance. I caught him on a leisurely stroll with said friend.

3) On that same day, I got up close and personal with these little buggers. My favorite color is purple, so it’s only right to have this shot is the favorites.

4) I came across this as I took a little trip to Hudson, OH for lunch and shopping. I loved the blend of music and life.

5)  I got this shot while I was on a bridge looking down at the river in Kent. I am all about asymmetrical shots, so I like the way that it’s a little thrown off by the man reading.

6)  This was a flower in a pot on the street in Hudson. I think it’s such a beautiful shot.

7) A little bit of street photography. I caught these two while I was in Hudson as well.  The bright colors and their positioning tell a beautiful story.

8) I actually think I took this in May, but I’m still going to count it. I was at a weekend festival in Cuyahoga Falls. It makes me want to live in this area.

9) This was taken on the same day as number 8. I loved the way this fountain looks at dusk.

10) This was taken on the same day as Terrance and the Bee. It was in a local coffee shop I frequent. I love the way the light looks with the art. It gives a comfy feel.

Let me know which one(s) is your favorite in the comments.



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