VGHS: Video Game High School (Web Series)

Recently, the internet has been inundated with a lot of really cool, quirky web series. This is definitely one of the most well made.

Created by Rocket Jump Studios, Video Game High School is an action/comedy web series focused on main character Brian D and his attempts to maneuver his way through the cutthroat, but coveted Video Game High School. Rocket Jump Studios states that it’s “a show about best friends, first loves, and finding the perfect head shot.”

Main Characters

Brian D, is the “good guy” who accidentally kills the world’s number one amateur gamer in a game of FPS on national television. Due to this stroke of luck he is admitted into VGHS on a full ride scholarship.

Ted Wong is Brian D’s best friend and roommate. He dreams of becoming a Guitar Hero World Champion like his father, Freddie Wong (in reality Freddie Wong is really the Former Guitar Hero World Champion and also one of the directors). He is also dating Brian D’s other best friend, Ki Swan.

Ki Swan, is one of Brian D’s best friends. She dreams of becoming a game designer and tends to get pulled into the crazy antics of her friends. She tends to be one of the more level-headed of the group.

The headmaster of the school is Dean Ernie Calhoun (Harley from Epic Mealtime), who is an “it’s all about the game” kind of guy. Due to Brian D’s knack for finding trouble we tend to see a lot of this hilarious character.

Jenny Matrix, is a strong, aggressive gamer who leads the JV FPS team and is Brian D’s love interest. Also, she just so happens to be dating Brian D’s archenemy, “The Law.”

“The Law”, he is the highest ranking amateur gamer who is the leader of the VGHS varsity team and Jenny’s boyfriend. He is the main antagonist throughout the series.


There are 9 episodes in this web series and they do tend to give the viewer an overview of the previous episode at the beginning of each one. There are a variety of different characters, some of the people you may have seen in other popular YouTube videos.

It was shot at a real school and the visual effects are amazing. The editing is top-notch and the acting is corny when it need to be and fairly good when it doesn’t.

It is definitely a must watch for the lovers of video games. A lot of the terms and references are a bit over the heads of non-gamers, so being a gamer can make this experience even more enjoyable. Some of the scenes are extra corny, but you can’t help but still laugh because you can tell they did it on purpose. Overall, it is worthwhile to check it out.


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*All photos & video are property of Rocket Jump Studios.

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