Small Business Sundays: Goods

Small Business Sundays are back! I got a little busy with some work and vacation travel, so I wasn’t able to keep up as much as I’d like. Well, I’m back and ready to hit the ground running. I’m starting off celebrating an all natural small business started by a local black woman. Randi is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I always enjoy running into her and I love that she’s created a product line that I can truly get behind.

Goods is a natural beauty line that those with skin conditions can reach to without worry. Their mission is “to be a clean, approachable company that customers can depend on.” As a woman with eczema and a whole host of other allergies, I was excited to check this line out.

Back towards the end of July, I picked up the Sage + Mint underarm oil, apple cider vinegar spray, and mango body/hair butter. All of the products work well. The underarm oil was the thing I was most curious about. Due to my allergies and eczema, there are only a few deodorants that react well with my skin. I found that the underarm oil left me feeling fresh and I never felt like I smelled bad. I also asked a few people just to make sure.

I went through the oil in about two months with a little bit of over use. I still have a ton of the body/hair butter and apple cider vinegar spray left because I don’t have to use those as often or I alternate them with other products. Next time, I’ll try a different scent for the butter (probably Sage + Mint) because the scent I got (So Fresh?) can get a little overwhelming after a while. The mango butter does give great coverage, melts with the heat of your fingers and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. The apple cider vinegar is great when I need to detangle my hair. I definitely use it on wash days. Just as a warning, it does smell like apple cider vinegar, but the smell doesn’t last too long.

I’m obsessed with her branding. It’s clean and simple with a focus on black people. Her promotional video featuring music by Philip Anderson of Bluelight can be found on her website.

Overall, this is a great company that provides products for people who care what’s in their skin and hair products. I look forward to the official launch of the online shop on November 19th at Compass Coffee in the Middlebury neighborhood of Akron.

Have you tried their products? What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

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