Sofar Akron: February


As promised, I am back with the February Sofar in rapid succession of the first one. This Sofar Akron features Lazarus Nichols, Holbrook and Phil from Bluelight, and The Brothers Band. The location was revealed to be WhiteSpace Creative‘s new facilities. WhiteSpace is an Akron marketing agency owned by Keeven White.



Lazarus Nichols is a current Texan with a big personality. You can definitely tell he’s of the older vein of Americana/Folk. The pace of his songs and stories reflect a time and place that we don’t hear much from lately in this area. He was great at kicking off the night.




A stripped down version of Bluelight was up next. Bluelight was mentioned in the previous Sofar post with HR3. Holbrook is back with Phil Anderson on keys and vocals. Bluelight is an experimental Jazz/R&B/Hip Hop band. Phil has a stunning voice and their sound is completely unique to the area. Having just the two of them there highlighted how strong Phil’s voice is. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to their albums and you can just groove out to everything they do. It makes me think of a group of guys just hanging out and jamming together. Their albums are honestly the stuff that dreams are made of.



The Brothers Band wrapped up the night and I have to say that I like them so much better when they’re not playing with other bands within the same genre. Honestly, it makes them stand out a lot more and you can feel their fun vibe. They’re all really talented and I like the story behind the band name.

Overall, it was a great night and I left the show so excited about Akron’s music scene. These events happen every month and the March one is already sold out, but keep an eye on the website for the April show. Thanks Jeanette and the Sofar team for bringing this to Akron.

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