Park Series: Munroe Falls Metro Park – Indian Spring


Up next on the Park series for the Fall Hiking Spree is Munroe Falls Metro Park – Indian Spring. This trail is probably 7 minutes from my aprement and I had no clue until I scanned the Hiking Spree form. I knew about the Meadow trail because it was one that I’ve gone through several times.


This trail is connected to Munroe Falls Lake which I’ve probably only been to once in my life and not a huge fan of. But the trail is tucked a little bit away like the hidden gem that it is. I did this hike in the early morning before I had to go to work. It was the perfect way to start my day.


This is a trail that is a fairly effortless hike, but with a lot of transitions. You get the chance to see the standard trail, but also an algae covered lake, partial meadow of sorts, a stream, and more. Watching the light stream through the trees with the leaves beginning their color transition was probably my favorite moment.


There’s something about the stillness of the morning that calls to me. I reflected on my recent mental crisis (anxiety is a mess), sudden death of my favorite uncle, and the constant fear of both success and failure. Nature brings out the best and worst out of me in many ways. On every hike, I try to assess my life. I let the thoughts come and fall where they may, slowly unraveling as the time passes. It can be incredibly therapeutic.

fullsizerender-6Overall, this is one of my favorite trails from this batch of the Fall Hiking Spree trails. It’s labeled as a “C” Basic and “2” Moderate trail. It’s perfect for walking, thinking, and enjoying the change of scenery. You may run into a few wild turkeys which was a first in my life and quite a surprise. Other than that, it’s one of the more easier, but lengthier and more beautiful trails around.

Munroe Falls – Indian Spring

521 S. River Rd.
Munroe Falls, OH 44262

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