PorchRokr 2016

IMG_0641PorchRokr. Oh, PorchRokr. We have said hello and good bye many times over the years (here and here), but this time has to be my favorite. Highland Square Association’s annual PorchRokr festival is back again with approximately 130 bands on local porches, countless vendors, and hundreds of Akronites.


This year they did things a little different. They had a stage dedicated to Jazz, they integrated the vendors with the bands by alternating vendors on lawns and musicians on porches. They had separate events like a Mini-EPCooker hosted by the Wandering Aesthetics crew, a Mini Poetry Festival, and Let’s Grow Akron workshops.

I got to hear my local favorites, Kofi Boakye & Yours Truly, Jeff Klemm and the Letters, The Conway Brothers, Jared Lees, and Acid Cats. I also got to check out The Dreemers, Axon-Neuron, and listen to some local poetry composed by some of my favorite people. I’m not going to go into reintroducing all of the bands but I will mention a few things about my poetry friends.


Ilenia Pezzaniti, a local photographer, writer, Renaissance woman, blew everyone away with her powerful, thought provoking poetry that invoked a wide range of imagery. I stood there awestruck by the passion and conviction behind every word. She is a powerhouse, so keep your eye out for her.


James Jackson is a local poet (transplanted to Columbus) with upwards of 80 published poems, has a mile long list of bit parts in TV shows (everything from Community to Silicon Valley to Murder on 1st Street), and is also a comedic rapper.


These are the things that I love about Akron. We can throw a random festival on residents’ porches and not think anything of it. We support initiatives in droves and through that we produce new businesses and uncover hidden talents of those around us. Akron is a gritty city that is willing to lift you up and embrace you as long as you’re willing to try.

Check out more photos below.

Thank you, Akron. I love you.




2 responses to “PorchRokr 2016

  1. Well written!
    I too enjoyed this year from the various bands / artists and vendors to just the overall coming together of people who were brought together by this unique event! A good time was had by the masses and I am already looking forward to PorchRokr2017.

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