Good Morning: The Eye Opener

IMG_7142Greetings again my friends. I bring you another restaurant review for you to feast your eyes on. Today, I will be talking about The Eye Opener in the West Akron area.

It is located in the strip mall on the corner of Market and Hawkins, not far from Swenson’s. When you walk in the walls are bright. You are assaulted with tons of color to wake you up. The smell gets your mouth watering and the service is quick so you aren’t craving too long.

This is the type of place that serves a wide variety of items. In addition to breakfast, they also have burgers, a variety to sandwiches, and salads.

I asked my waitress what was popular and she suggested the Red Eye Hash. It’s a slow roasted corn beef and potato hash with green chilies, hot sauce, pepper jack cheese, and topped with two eggs sunny side up. I also got a croissant instead of toast.

It was filling and the perfect thing for the morning or in my case, the early afternoon.  I did have to throw on a pinch of salt which I normally don’t have to do, but once I did, it was perfect. I wouldn’t say that it was crazy hot, but it had a bit of a kick.


Overall, this place is a local favorite and I can see why. I’d suggest checking it out.

The Eye Opener

1688 W Market. St.

Akron, OH 44313


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