Web Comic: Inequivalent Exchange


Today, I launched my very first web comic at: InequivalentExchange.wordpress.com

It is a project that’s been sitting on the back burner for quite some time and I finally decided to move forward with it. Because this is an art blog, I’m going to give a bit of background on my characters, the story, and the process behind it all.


This web comic follows the lives of Eva, Eric, and Caesar as they navigate their crazy world. There will be some movie, video game, and book references as well as some panel  focused on every day life. But as the story evolves, you will come to realize that everything is not what it seems. This world is…different.


Eva is the main character. She’s a bit on the sarcastic side and very much a loner. Her days include trying to finish her final year of design classes before her summer internship, watching movies, reading books, and having riveting conversations with her cynical cat, Caesar.

Eric is more of a supporting role to Eva. This could change as the story evolves. Eric is a social butterfly. He loves to hang out with his friends and is rarely seen without a beautiful woman on his arm. In his spare time, he’s studies history and attempts to drag Eva out to his various social events.

Eva and Eric have been friends since they were children. Their families were really close and although they are quite different, they get along well together. This (and lower bills) was the reason why they decided to rent a house together.

Caesar is Eva’s cat. He’s been with her for two years and is a bit of a cynic. He adds a bit of colorful commentary to Eva and Eric’s lives. Not much is known about his life before his adoption.


When developing this comic, I wanted to keep the style loose. I wanted it to be a bit on the messier side with muted colors. It was actually a lot harder than I anticipated. I had to actually go over a lot of the panels to make them messier.I used a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator, doing the line work in Illustrator and the coloring in Photoshop.

I hope you all enjoy my first venture into web comics. It’s been a bunch of fun so far and I’m still tweaking some things as I go.

Thanks for reading,


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