Restaurant Review: Harris’ The San Francisco Steakhouse


This place. This place. Good Frickin’ Grief. This place right here is one of the most expensive places I’ve ever been to and I had the best meal of my entire life. Harris’ The San Francisco Steakhouse opened in 1984 at the landmark address of 2100 Van Ness Avenue.

I ended my last night in San Francisco in style. This is a very upscale steakhouse with a casual feel to it. There were both people in suits as well as people in jeans.

The service was tremendous. I cannot rave enough about it.


I ended up getting a glass of Riesling that was perfect. When I say perfect, I mean perfect. It was just sweet enough and I was incredibly happy with it.

I also got a lettuce wedge salad with house made ranch dressing with chives and olives. That was really good and I could’ve stuffed myself on that alone.


The entrée featured an  8 oz Petite Filet Mignon and a Whole Lobster. A whole-frickin’ lobster. The sides were scalloped potatoes that were perfectly cooked and very cheesy and sautéed vegetables. I gorged myself.


The filet was perfect. It had not an ounce of fat on it and was cooked perfectly medium like I like it. It just fell apart in my mouth. I barely had to chew. Good grief it was nice and tender.

The lobster was the best lobster I have ever had. It was super fresh and was perfect with the side of butter. I’m using the word “perfect” a lot in this post.

Anyway, this is a great place if you want an amazing meal and have money to blow. Thank goodness I wasn’t paying or my soul would’ve been sucked right out of me.


Rating: 10/10 Amazing.

Harris’ The San Francisco Steakhouse

2100 Van Ness Ave. (Russian Hill)

San Francisco, California 94109



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