Cafe Review: Eva’s Coffee


On my walk back to the hotel from Mel’s Drive-in, I couldn’t help but stop at a local coffee shop. I’m a creature of habit, I suppose.


I love the style of the coffee shop although it’s a bit small. It’s great when you want to grab something and go, but would probably get a little tight if you wanted to hang around for a bit.


I really enjoy seeing sites that many tourists wouldn’t go to. You get a better feel for the place that way. The graffiti style menu on the wall was really nice. I wish the entire place had that look.

I ended up ordering a Nuttin’ Latte. It had dark chocolate and almond syrup in it and it was decent quality. I realize that I’m not a massive almond fan so I probably should have gotten something different.

I’d say give it a try if you’re in the area.

Rating: 6/10

Eva’s Coffee

1443 A Lombard St.

San Francisco, California 94123



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