Shop Review: The Green Roots Collection


A week ago I dropped by my favorite shop in Hudson because they were having a great sale. “The Green Roots Collection is an eco-friendly boutique that represents women’s and men’s contemporary clothing. As a company we foster the ideals of quality and style with a naturally conscious approach. Our goal is to be forward thinking environmentally, while being fashion forward.” (Source)

IMG_8706 IMG_8709

I adore this little shop because it sells beautiful, eco-friendly clothing. Everything seems to have a flow to it and you don’t see many darker colors. It’s a bit on the expensive side for me right now, but every once in a while I treat myself to a dress or two. This particular shop is bright and colorful with a lot of wood accents. It has a very relaxed feel to it and they offer you cookies and water! I know they also host events like yoga class from time to time which is really cool. The staff is extremely nice and helpful.

IMG_8718 IMG_8717 IMG_8716 IMG_8715 IMG_8714

This is the dress that I decided to buy. I got it for $25 at their Summer Solstice sale which was a major steal because it was originally around $80! It also fit perfectly.IMG_8710


The Green Roots Collection

41 Village Way*

Hudson, OH 44236

(330) 655-2274

*I hear they are moving locations at the beginning of 2014, so if you go around that time then check their page for the new location.*



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