Short Story: Loving You


      Love. I can’t help but watch you as you sleep. The gentle rise and fall of your chest  are like the gentle waves on a beach. Here with you I feel safe. Loved. Happy.

      Lightly I brush my fingers across your cheek hoping I don’t rouse you. But I can’t help it.  The supple skin beneath my fingertips stir within me something spiritual. Something magical. Something alive. I feel like we are twin hearts beating to the same drum of life. A beat that only we can hear.

      Laying across from you is like a miracle. The way your hair spirals upward like a million galaxies weaved their way into your DNA inspires me. The way the sun kissed your skin to create the most perfect brown makes me jealous. The way the curve of your hip revealed by the sheet provokes something sexual in me. Even now when you’re fast asleep. Your full lips pursed like you’re waiting for me to press my own against them. But I stop myself. I don’t want to wake you just yet.

      Some days I am amazed that you are here with me. Your inner light shines like a flashlight in a dark room and I just want to capture a slice of it. Some days I wonder why you love me. Do I deserve your love? I have a habit of frustrating you even in your calmest hours. I know exactly which buttons to push to rile you. Why do you love me when I can go so far in depression that only you can pull me out? Why do you love me even when I’m afraid I don’t love myself?

      You with your peaceful demeanor. You with your ability to understand me when no one else does. You with your inner light that chases away the darkness. You with your perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect smile. Why do you love someone as broken as I? Why are you still here?

      But in the end, does it really matter? As long as you’re here, right now, in this moment. I am happy.

* This is the second of a short story series I’m doing. These words are my own and any duplication of the material without expressed permission of me is prohibited.*

Later Loves,


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