Deli Days: Mr. Zub’s Deli



Mr. Zub’s has always been a local favorite of mine. Set in the center of Highland Square, Mr. Zubs is a great place to grab something quick to eat. They have a wide variety of sandwich with movie character names. It’s connected to the Matinee which is a bar. I would assume it would be great when you’re a little tipsy and want something to soak up the alcohol.

The interior is really cool. I loved the black and white accented with yellow. It’s a great little place with the most interesting named sandwiches. The names range from Thorton Melon to The Rocky Balboa to the Lisa Simpson. Not all of their sandwiches come with meat. There are a couple of vegitarian items which are shown in blue on the menu.


I like to get the Mr. Pink on a bagel. The bacon is cooked perfectly and their sandwiches tend to be extremely filling. I will say that sometimes they get a little busy and if you make any changes to your order you should make sure that it’s made with your changes. Other than that it is a great place to eat at.

IMG_7150 IMG_7139IMG_7140IMG_7134 IMG_7152

Overall, if you’re in the area and you want something a little on the fattening side then this is the place to go.

Mr. Zub’s

812 West Market St.

Akron, OH 44303

(330) 252-0272



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