Event: Super Square Ordinary Photo Show

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to a photo show hosted by my friend/coworker, Jen, and her friend Kalie Boshara. Me and Jen happened to both love photography and ended up bonding over the commonality. Her photos in the show were taken on a medium format camera with 120mm and cross processed. Her friend, Kalie Boshara’s photos were also taken with that type of film.

Please excuse the bad quality of the photos I took. I did not feel comfortable taking photos of her photos with my camera and instead used my phone.

(That’s Jen in the dress)

The place where the show was held was a record store in Highland Square. I think it’s quite funny that I hang out in that area and I’d never been in there, nor the bar that I visited later that night.

When I finally decide to invest in a record player I’m taking a trip back to pick up a few things.

And to end the evening I went out with a couple of my co-workers/friends to a bar next to the record store. It was a great way to top off such an awesome time.

(No, I don’t smoke.)

Hopefully, I can interview her soon and maybe do a photo show with her next time. But until then I would suggest everyone to check out some of her work on her tumblr, instagram, and soundcloud.

Tumblr: http://jenniferannecourt.tumblr.com/

Instagram: @Argott

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/jennifer-anne-court

Until next time,


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